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Broadband Strategies for the Mobile Market

Published February 2006

This Report looks at the key technologies, standards, regulatory situation, and market dynamics. It takes as its starting point the growth in broadband access using 3G mobile technologies. With new IEEE standards supported by the WiMAX Forum, what are the prospects for alternative carriers, incumbents and mobile operators over the next 5 years and how will that impact the 3G market?

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Mobile services will increasingly deploy broadband wireless technologies to improve ARPU by increasing the proportion of users accessing data services because of

SOFDMA used in 802.16e-2005 will improve upon OFDM256 used in 802.16-2004 for NLOS applications by:

There are some potential barriers to this happening however

The net effect of this is that TelecomView believes that by 2011 some 16% of broadband mobile subscribers will be using 802.16e-2005 technology-some 130 million out of almost 900 million users. This forecast is based on our analysis that the cost of deploying 802.16e-2005 for high-speed mobile data services is between one half and one fourth of the cost of 3G technologies. This cost differential provides an irresistible opportunity for wireline carriers that want a piece of the mobile action as well as for mobile operators looking to lower the cost of their data networks.


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